Upgrade your bath or kitchen with Delta’s latest faucet collections, offering a perfect blend of style, advanced technology, and an array of stunning finishes. Whether you seek classic elegance, modern designs, or industrial aesthetics, Delta has got you covered. In this blog post, we’ll explore the standout features and benefits of each collection, along with the innovative technologies that make Delta faucets a cut above the rest. Get ready to transform your space and elevate your everyday experience!

Dorval™ Collection: Grace and Power in Modern Traditional Style
Inspired by the flowing lines of French architecture and the regal stature of German castles, the Dorval™ bath collection redefines new traditional style. With its unique single-hole, monoblock design, the faucet stands out as a symbol of elegance and functionality. Discover the complete range of bath and shower faucets, tub fillers, and coordinating accessories to create a harmonious space that challenges the status quo.

Trillian™ Collection: Bold Statements and Prismatic Architecture
If you crave a uniquely modern design, the Trillian™ Collection is a perfect choice. Drawing inspiration from prismatic architecture, this collection captivates with its defined edges and contemporary appeal. Achieve symmetrical perfection in your space with a comprehensive suite of products, including tubs, showers, faucets, and accessories, all crafted to make a striking statement.

Emmeline™ Collection: Where Tradition Meets Contemporary
Blending traditional design elements with minimalistic lines, the Emmeline™ kitchen collection exudes contemporary style. Adorned with a diamond-shaped spout and pull-down faucet, these fixtures add a touch of artistry to your kitchen space. Immerse yourself in the perfect harmony of classic and modern aesthetics.

Keele™ Collection: Fluidity in Minimalist Design
Embrace the illusion of continuous movement in your kitchen with the Keele™ faucet. Its minimalist design creates a sense of fluidity that effortlessly blends into any culinary setting. Experience a perfect marriage of simplicity and functionality with this standout piece.

Junction™ Collection: Industrial Chic Redefined
Make a bold statement in your kitchen with the Junction™ collection. Its industrial squared frame design, coupled with arching angles, turns your faucet into a true statement piece. Elevate your space and let your creativity flow freely.

Nicoli™ Collection: Contemporary Sleekness in Bath Design
The Nicoli™ bath collection strikes the perfect balance between minimalist design trends and a modern, elevated look. Its sleek lines and timeless appeal effortlessly adapt to your evolving style preferences. Experience a serene and sophisticated ambiance in your bath sanctuary.

Innovative Technologies for Unmatched Performance:

Delta® DIAMOND® Seal: Enjoy virtually leak-proof performance with a diamond-embedded ceramic disc that reduces mineral buildup and eliminates seal wear. Say goodbye to annoying drips and leaks.

Touch20® Technology: Simplify your kitchen tasks with a simple touch anywhere on the spout or handle, activating water flow. This hands-free feature keeps your faucet clean and enhances convenience, while the Delta TempSense® LED light indicates water temperature to avoid surprises.

ShieldSpray®: Power through stubborn messes with ease using the concentrated ShieldSpray® jet. Experience up to 90% less splatter compared to standard sprays, maintaining a cleaner environment.

VoiceIQ™: Control your faucet with voice commands using Amazon® Alexa® or Google® Assistant-enabled devices. Enjoy hands-free water flow, dispense metered amounts, and fill custom containers effortlessly.

Unleash Your Style with an Array of Finishes:
In addition to popular finishes like chrome and matte black, Delta offers a range of historically nontraditional options to suit your unique taste. From antique brass to brushed nickel, explore the possibilities and find the perfect finish that complements your style.

Partnering for Quality: Standale Lumber and LP Building Solutions:
At Standale Lumber, we proudly collaborate with LP Building Solutions to deliver top-of-the-line products to builders across the Northern Midwest. Count on us to provide high-quality materials and exceptional care for every project, ensuring your space receives the attention it deserves.